dorothy must die by danielle paige

basic information:

★ pages: 452

★ genre: young adult, fantasy, fiction

★ release date: april 1st 2014

★ rating: 3.8/5 stars

★ links: goodreads // amazon

★ series:

▽  dorothy must die #1

▽  the wicked will rise #2

▽  yellow brick war #3

★ synopsis: Amy ‘salvation amy’ Gumm, is trailer trash in the middle of nowhere, Kansas. She is bullied in her school, and her alcoholic mother refuses to pay attention to her. As a tornado approaches, Amy’s mother leaves Amy in their trailer to go to a bar, and Amy is swept up in its winds. When her trailer lands, Amy Gumm winds up in Oz, where Dorothy has become a tyrant. It’s up to Amy to kill her, with help from the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked.


plot: 5/5

I absolutely loved the plot of this book! The idea that Dorothy had come back to haunt Oz is just completely fascinating, and fantasy and fairytales are my favorite genre of book. In addition, Oz is just a mess. It’s amazing the way the world has changed from The Wizard of Oz to Dorothy Must Die, and the way the characters interact with the world is splendid to see.

characters: 3/5

To be completely honest, Amy’s characterization somewhat annoyed me. Her personality was exactly what you would expect for someone in her position, and her interactions with her mother and the people at her school, are completely understandable.  The Revolutionary Order of the Wicked had some funny characters. Glamora, (possible spoiler) Glinda’s sister, is wonderful. She was definitely my favorite witch, and had the most development of them all. Nox and Mombi were the sassy ones, and I do not like Mombi at all. She’s crass and rude, and most of her sass is unnecessary. Nox and Amy’s budding relationship is unrealistic for the point in the story we’re at, and I don’t believe in their love. I guess there were just too many character holes.

writing style: 3.5/5

The writing style is okay, it is a totally understandable read, but a little less complex than I would have liked. Granted, it was written in the point of view of a teenager, but her thoughts were seriously jumbled throughout the book.

overall: 3.8/5

final thoughts:

Dorothy Must Die is a great series! I’ve read the main books, but I haven’t read Dorothy Must Die: The Stories (I plan on reading them over summer break.) If you’re looking for something easy to follow and a fun short read, DMD is the book for you.






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