I’m so excited to do this tag! Tags are always really fun, so let’s get started!

What fictional character has the best style?
I love Lou’s style from Me Before You. I know it’s not technically the ‘best’ but I just love the confidence and pride she wears her outfits with. Also, I imagine she looks pretty cute in them (at least, Emilia Clarke does).

Your book girlfriend/boyfriend/ fictional crush?
Ooh jeez, I have a HUGE list. But I’ll try to narrow it down. Jay Gatsby, Draco Malfoy, Baz Pitch, Rhysand (ACoTaR), Jem Carstairs, Will Herondale (fun fact: I had a crush on a guy at my school named Will, so I named him Will Herondale in my phone because WH is perfect), Luna Lovegood, Hermione Grainger, Mor, and Amren (ACoTaR)

Ever loved a character but than started hating them?
Tamlin from ACoTaR. He’s the WORST now.

Biggest/Longest book on your shelf?
Daughters of the Moon, by Lynne Ewing. I have the first three books in one, and it’s somewhere around 900 pages.

Heaviest book on your shelf?

It’s probably the collectors edition of Wicked I own.

Do you have any book posters?

I have one, the House guide that comes in the back of some of the Glass Sword copies.

Do you have any book themed jewelry?

I used to have a Mockingjay necklace, but it broke/I lost it.

Book OTP?

Ooh another list! Feysand, Cresswell, Scarwolf, Jacinter, Kaider, Malec, Sizzy, Clace, and Dallonny (Dallas x Johnny from the Outsiders). And those are the ones off the top of my head. Of course more, but I’m running a blank right now.

Favorite book series?


Favorite Book-to-movie soundtrack?

Um… I don’t really have one, but the Me Before You soundtrack has The 1975 on it so I’ll go with that.

A book story you miss/ wish would continue?
The Lunar Chronicles. I honestly would read a book about Winter just doing nothing. Her doing nothing, forever. I want this.

Favorite stand-alone?
Carry On by Rainbow Rowell! I love it so much. It’s so cute, and I was so unworthy of it’s beauty.

Since when did you read books?

I’ve been reading since I was probably around 3 or 4, and I hardcore read until about seventh grade. I’ve been picking up more now in the summer of ninth grade.

Which Hogwarts house are you in?
S, to the L, to the Y, T, H, E, R, I, N to the S, to the L, to the Y, T, H, E, R, I, N

Quality you look for in a book?

Romance, action, stupid snarky characters.

Favorite book quote
“You were the sun, and I was crashing into you.” from Carry On!

Favorite author?
Marissa Meyer and Rainbow Rowell

Favorite book cover?
Illuminae’s. It’s so clever and intricate, especially the blacked out words on the hardcover that are written on in the book sleeve.

Action or Romance?
Romance! I love romance, especially when they’re all cute and whatnot. I prefer my romances in space, however.

Where do you go when a sad moment happens?
I either continue the book to get past it, or I scream for three minutes and then sit in silence stunned.

How long do you need to finish a book?
Anywhere from a day to about three days. If I’m really busy, it might take a week.

How long is your mourning period?

Until I start another book. So usually, not that long.

Least Favorite Book?
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. I read it back in the sixth grade and I could NOT STAND IT.

Turn on in a character?

Dark hair, sassiness, an anti-villain/hero (or maybe straight up a villain) and some serious internal conflict.

Turn off in a character?

Straight up rude. Not even like sassy rude. Just rude, all the time.

Reason I started blogging?
I really love reading, and I wanted to express my love to everyone who wanted to listen!

Name a scary book?
Misery by Steven King. Never read it because (horror = thumbs down), but I know of it.

Last book that made you cry?
Never cried! My eyes are permanently dry, sorry.

Last book that you gave 5 stars?
The last book I gave 5 stars was ‘A Court of Mist and Fury’ by Sarah J. Maas.

Any favorite book titles?
My two favorite book names are milk and honey by Rupi Kaur, and And the Hippos Were Boiled in Their Tanks by William S. Burroughs and Jack Kerouac.

Last book you read?
I last finished Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard.

Book you’re currently reading?
Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. So good so far!

Last book adaptation you watched?
Um… Currently I’m watching Game of Thrones (literally watching Game of Thrones as we speak).

A book character you always wanted to talk to?
Honestly, it’s a tie between Penelope Bunce, Simon Snow, and Baz Pitch (because on one hand, Penelope is just amazing, I could talk to Simon about Baz, and I could talk to Baz about Simon!)

An author you always wanted to talk to?
Marissa Meyer!

Favorite Book snack?

Book world you want to live in?
The Lunar Chronicles universe, just after Cinder becomes queen.

Book world you DON’T want to live in?

The Hunger Games, that one just sounds like a mistake.

Last time you smelled a book?
Two days ago when I bought Illuminae. Anyone smell books

Weird insults used in books?
In Macbeth when one of the murders

Favorite romance book?

The Wrath & The Dawn, or The Princess and the Guard from Stars Above.

Do you write?
Occasionally, I once wrote a Preacher prequel story. I write some poetry, and I did (don’t laugh) write a really depressing Grojband short for no reason. If you ever want to torture yourself and read some of this stuff, here’s the link.

thelovelies | Archive of Our Own

Favorite magical item?

Penelope Bunce’s purple ‘magic wand’ ring.

or Thor’s hammer.

Your quidditch position?

Name a song you connect to a book
I know Young and Beautiful is in the Great Gatsby soundtrack, but I still love it.

Favorite book related chat up line?
Can I Slytherin to bed with you?

Have you ever used it?

Unfortunately not.

Favorite book fandom?
Carry On and The Lunar Chronicles, they’re so nice, and it’s full of stupid memes. I follow at least six ‘Incorrect Quotes’ pages for each fandom.

How many books do you own?
Probably upwards of 100, but I don’t really know.

Who do you tag?

My friend, the page parade who needs a first blog post!

I hope you guys enjoyed! Did you guys notice that I finally took the photo for the featured image! I’ve been to busy to get around to the photos before, but I think I’m going to take more of these from now own.




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