Hey guys!

As you all know, Pokemon Go has been the center of the universe for the past few months. I got it about two weeks after it came out (TEAM VALOR FOREVER) , and I was in New York at the time, so I caught a couple AWESOME pokemon. But now I’m home and there’s like, nothing out here. So I figured I’d combine Pokemon and Books so maybe I’ll feel better.

Credit to Read at Midnight for creating this awesome tag!

Alright, let’s get started:


Quick question: Do you get starters when you start pokemon go? Because I didn’t get one. I don’t know if it’s just me or if it’s the game.

I never really played Pokemon before Pokemon Go, and it’s just because my parents never bought me the game and at the time, I thought it was cool to be a hipster (so ya gotta flow away from the mainstream… ^-^) so I never played. I think once I did get to start the game, and I chose a Charmander (TEAM VALOR FOREVER). I have both a Charmander and Bulbasaur in Pokemon Go, but no Squirtles. I don’t even think I’ve seen one yet.

On the book side, the first books I can remember loving were The Boxcar Children in the first grade. I don’t really remember much about them, but I do know they ROCKED MY WORLD. As a child, I was quite afraid of making friends, so instead of playing at recess I would sit on a bench and read. My other favorite books were the Warriors series. I read literally EVERY SINGLE BOOK. I got all the way through to Skyclan’s Destiny. That’s the last on I can remember, and I own it.



I did manage to catch a Pikachu, but I only have one and he’s level 33. He’s not helping me out very much.

My bookish Pikachu would have to be The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I absolutely love it. I know it’s totally a mess, but the idealism and the descriptions of the beauty of the city still makes me want to go back and visit (though I doubt I’d stay very long because I’d have literally 0 rights). Gatsby’s love (or obsession?) with Daisy is still pretty cute, no matter how many problems they had. He kept his heart out for her, threw lavish parties just on the off chance she might one day walk through his door. If that isn’t romanticism, I don’t know what is. Honestly, Gatsby parties are what I’d do if I were rich.



I feel like Zubat’s were slightly more respected before Pokemon Go came out. Now whenever I see a Zubat I want to stab myself in the face. They make me physically angry (along with Magikarp’s but we’ll get there later).

I can’t really think of a book like that, even though I KNOW there is one. But for right now, I guess I’ll go with Twilight. It came out in 2005, so I was still a toddler, but by around age 10 I would go into stores and see teenage fangirls screaming about it and I just thought it was gross (Oh how the tables have turned, amiright?). So I never watched the movies or read the books. I’m never gonna.



I haven’t found a ditto. Are they even real? Are they even in Pokemon Go? If you’ve found one, I don’t believe you.

Honestly, pretty much every YA dystopian book is the same. I’m gonna read them anyway. But I absolutely LOVE the Lunar Chronicles series (If you’ve read any of my other blog posts, you know)! But they’re very similar to other dystopias, as in a teenage girl leads a successful uprising over a tyrant. The other trope is the fairytale retelling, which is my favorite genre in literature. Fairytale retelling, literally any retelling. I’ll literally read any of them. I just read A Study in Charlotte (a Sherlock Retelling, for which I am writing a review which will come out soon). Retellings are always so go, and I always ADORE THEM.




I haven’t found a Snorlax yet. *sighs*

I 100% know I’m not the only person who said this but…

It’s Game of Thrones. I’m sorry! They’re just so long and I have no time. There are seven books, each immensely long. I promise I would if I could ever find the time. Even worse, I watch the show. I was going to wait until I read the books to watch GoT, but I lost a bet. So here I am.



Where even are half of these Pokemon? I haven’t seen them ANYWHERE!

The last book to keep me up at night was Illuminae, which was absolutely AMAZING. I loved it so much! If you haven’t read it yet, I highly suggest you do. Everything about it is amazing, and I’m just biding my time until Gemina comes out. My review of it is here.



I have a few male and female nidorans, so I’m on my (woot woot)

My bookish OTPs will forever be a tie between Winter and Jacin from Winter and Feyre and Rhysand from ACoTaR and ACoMaF. Winter and Jacin was absolutely adorable the entire time, and especially in Stars Above, when Winter accepts her love for him. They’re so cute. And Jacin’s undying need to protect her makes me so happy. Rhysand and Feyre was amazing. Rhysand and Feyre’s bond is something I wish I could have with any boy. Rhysand saving Feyre’s life gave me life. He cared so deeply and so obviously for her and I was so happy when they got together (even though I’d rather I was dating him).




A Study in Charlotte has returned. Absolutely wonderful, and Brittany Cavallaro has written a masterpiece. As I said before, I love retellings, and I really loved this one. I had a few issues with it however, which I’ll cover later in a review. But it’s a really, really fast paced read and I liked it.



I do have a couple Eevee’s, but I transferred most of them in hopes of evolving my strongest one. I still haven’t yet. I’m SO CLOSE.

Since spin-offs are practically retellings, I’ll read any of them. All of them. I have been in love with Greek mythology retellings since I was little, when Percy Jackson first came out. I read them when I was really little, and from then on Greek mythoi owned my life for years. They still kind of do. I would also love some Sherlock spin offs, from the Arthur Conan Doyle books or from the TV series. I love Sherlock and Watson’s dynamic. I personally love the romance aspect, even though I know some people don’t. Some other retellings that always get me are of course, fairytale retellings. They’re always really magical, and really dark, especially ones where the princess turns evil. Those are GOOD.



As everyone knows, Magikarps are by far the most useless Pokemon, but they evolve into Gyarados which are significantly more awesome. I only have one Magikarp, and looking at it makes me want to throw my phone out the window.

A book series that was surprisingly awesome? ACoTaR and ACoMaF. I really did not go in expecting much, because the descriptions seemed so dreadfully boring to me (despite how much I love romance), and I didn’t think I could get interested. Low and behold, they’re one of the best books I’ve ever read. I’m just biding my time waiting for the third one. There are going to be six books, and I don’t think my poor Rhysand loving heart will be able to take it.



I think the funnies thing about the Legendary pokemons are that Articuno and Moltres look so regal and ready to fight, and Zapdos looks just crazy. He’s so out there. He’s ready to go fight. I’m so glad Spark and Zapdos found each other because they both look 100% not okay.

I am so excited to read To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han! I’ve read The Summer I Turned Pretty and the other two books, but everyone always mentions TAtBILB as one of the best YA romance books they’ve ever read. So of course, I need to get my hands on a copy.


I wish I owned the Art Deco F. Scott Fitzgerald books. They’re SO pretty. I’ve only read The Great Gatsby. It would definitely inspire me to read the rest of them. But I do adore the Great Gatsby, which I’ve already mentioned before, and I bet I’d love the rest.



I hatched like, eight eggs this week. It was awesome.

A debut novel I’m excited for is The Way I Used to Be. I know it already came out, but I haven’t yet had the good fortune of reading it, as they don’t have it at my school library and I haven’t been to a bookstore in about a month. I’ve heard nothing but good things for this book, and I’m so excited to pick it up one day, hopefully soon!



I’ve never used a Lure Module. I don’t even think I have any.

My auto-buy author number one is Marissa Meyer. I ADORE HER. I read all the Lunar Chronicles, and re read them marathon style (it took me three days). I have almost all of the Lunar Chronicles books, with the exception of Winter WHICH IS MY FAVORITE ONE :((

My other auto-buy is Rainbow Rowell, because everyone of her books has ruined me emotionally. My favorite by far is Carry On, for obvious reasons, (it’s amazing, it’s gay, Simon and Baz’s relationship had me more salty I was single than anything else in the world).



Server’s being down means I can get on with my life, which is probably a good thing.

I’ve been waiting on Heartless (by Marissa Meyer of course) for what feels like 15 years now. I’m so excited for it, I’ve entered like 100 giveaways for it (I’ve won none, unfortunately), and I’m going to DIE of excitement when this book comes out, OK? It’s going to kill me because it’s going to be the most perfect book I’ve ever read. I can feel it.


Well here is my Pokemon Go challenge! I really hope you guys enjoyed reading about my poor pokemon exploits and my slightly better book ones. I really hope to do a challenge like this in the future, because this was really fun! Credit again to Read at Midnight for the tag.

The only person I tag here is The Page Parade because maybe this will motivate her to her first blog post! You all should tag her too.

In upcoming news: I’m in the midst of a new book review, plus another one I have lined up. I will be doing a book recommendation this month, even though I skipped the last two (sorry!). I set the standard too high with book counts, and I’m going to be lowering the limit to five instead of ten. It is too hard to think of ten books to talk about, especially since I didn’t read ten, and I am free to go into further detail now. You guys should definitely get excited!










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